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Our Story

I founded The Gentleman Project in 2015 with the desire to bring back the culture of gentleman-hood. Growing up, my mother taught me to pull the chair for her, open the door for her, she taught me good manners and proper etiquette. And my dad? He taught me by example. As a kid, that’s what a gentleman was to me. How a man should be to a woman. But as I grew older, I realized that more importantly, what makes us gentlemen is who we are within ourselves. The culture of gentleman-hood doesn't just promote chivalry but also self-respect and self-awareness.

The Gentleman Project exists to set the standard of how the modern gentleman should carry himself. We want to enable every modern gentleman who wants to elevate their look, attitude and confidence. This stems from our design philosophy, confidence in understated elegance.  We adhere to the motto “Climb to the top so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.”

Conceptualizing the brand, there were a lot of roads we could’ve taken. but we chose to build our brand with something we were passionate about, watches. My passion for watches started back in college. Even when I didn’t realize it then, I knew I always had to have something on my wrist. and if I didn’t, I would feel incomplete. Later, I started to realize that I had certain memories attached to my watches. I would just look at them and start remembering things. And it hit me, watches don’t just tell time, they tell stories. As my interest for watches grew deeper and my taste started to evolve, I realized that a watch too is an expression of who you are. It reflects your lifestyle, your personality, your desires, your aspirations, and of course later on, your achievements.

Watches don’t just tell time, they also speak of the kind of man you are. When you wear a watch from The Gentleman Project, you’re wearing a watch that represents passion, chivalry, and self-respect.